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Dec. 28th, 2010


Back in the saddle with fan fiction writing.

We've decided to do a Mythology FicTicTacToe with Schwarz and Schreient.

01. Hero.02. Medusa.03. Sphinx.
04. Mermaid.05. Pandora's Box.06. Trojan Horse.
07. Pantheon.08. Odyssey.09. Muse.

Aug. 21st, 2010


Legends of the Super Galaxy

Well, I pestered Sybil into watching it with me.  Here's my rough analysis.
1) The characterization is roughly on par with what I've seen from Suethors, only not as good.
2) When attempting to avoid plot holes, don't start by constructing the plot out of a doily cloth.
3) When attempting to write a fan movie, don't base your characters off all the information you can fit on a 3x5 inch notecard.
4) Cold popcorn's not as good as warm popcorn.  (OK, it started out warm, but we didn't eat it fast enough)
5) When did G. Junior get so talkative?
6) When did Ivan forget how to kick ass?
7) When did Joe learn how to inspire trust?
8) When did GB gain that half-assed accent?  You can't do Shakespeare with a bad Irish accent.
9) When reviewing the source material, don't stop after they defeat the electricity twins.  (I'm not sure they got as far as 0012 and 0013)
10) Muenster cheese makes a better model for a coherent plot than baby swiss cheese.
11) Mourning for a lost lover takes longer than 5 seconds.
12) Since when do lasers act like nerve gas?
13) If a guy who is holding a single hostage is shooting scores of your men, wouldn't you shoot the f'ing hostage?
14) If your civilization got devastated by an alien attack, why would you forget how to use advanced tools and suddenly become masters of the bow and arrow... when there's nothing to hunt?
15) Why can't the psychic who can project an image of herself all over the place and teleport people around trash the robot keeping her captive?
16) When bombarding a planet with weapons that level everything, how do you get erect ruins?
17) When a powerful psychic is looking for someone to father her child, you'd think she'd avoid the STERILE ALIEN CYBORG.
18) Speaking of psychic, since when does being psychic turn your hair purple, and give you better cloths than the rest of your civilization?
19) Why is Ivan the only psychic who can't teleport?
20) When drawing eyes, what would possess you to make them pop further out of your skull than your big bushy bangs?

I think that'll do for now :)

Jul. 29th, 2010


New FicTicTacToe

Well, we had so much fun with the last one, that we decided to do it again.  This time we'll be doing Lady Une x Nikol from Gundam Wing with table Symbols.

01. Arrow.02. Language.03. Tattoo.
04. Gift.05. Cross.06. Flag.
07. Amulet.08. Map.09. Yin/Yang.

Jul. 20th, 2010


Crawford and Love... tic tac toe style

Well, Sybil and I decided we wanted to play a little game of tic-tac-toe... fan fiction style :)  So, we decided to join fictictactoe and go to it!

The topic is Love, the character is Crawford (of Weiss Kreuz).  Let the mayhem begin!

01. I don't want to make it easier for you. X (5)02. Your heart will tear mine apart. O (8)03. I'd love to say this to your face. X (9)
04. I've been thinking about this for a long time. O (6)05. It's alright with me. O (2)06. You woke me up. X (7)
07. Anyone but you.  X (1)08. You can hide underneath me. X (3)09. I wandered home, saying your name. O (4)

Jul. 4th, 2010


On Writing and Coding

One of the odd things I've noticed while doing beta reading (I always end up being the "extra beta" for Sybil... they like her, but never ask me directly... should I be offended?) is that people take a different attitude towards writing and programming.

When people are trying their hand at programming, and run into issues (compiler errors, incorrect output, etc), they generally assume the problem is with their skill, and seek to improve it.  Coding communities, friends, google searches, whatever it takes, they do it.  If they can't seem to work through their challenges, they may accept that they aren't cut out to be programmers and move on.  It is very rare that somebody assumes the compiler/computer/linker is in error.  Instead, they accept that their skills are failing them and need improvement.

By contrast, many people start writing and seem to resent negative feedback/constructive criticism.  On FF.net, it is very common for people to solicit reviews, but request "no flames".  In their mind, anything that doesn't sing their praises to the heavens is a flame.  You know, the minor things like "characterization could use improvement", "character X was badly out of character", "please use spellcheck", etc.  What's unfortunate is that these are the equivalents of compiler errors, linker errors, and incorrect output of programs.  There is no emotion involved in such feedback, it's a simple observation of technical problems that require correction.

I think the difference, of course, is that we all communicate in English (or whatever language you communicate in) on a regular basis.  We are used to communicating effectively in spoken language, and expect that to carry over to written language with equal effectiveness.  What writers may not realize is that with verbal communication, there is a feedback loop involved that allows you to adjust the message.  Written communication doesn't have this element (or it's slower, such as when you get fresh feedback on chapter 1 while you're working on chapter 9).  As a result, more care is required.  Also, we do have requirements for effective spoken communication, such as "don't mumble", "speak clearly", etc.  Thick accents, poor enunciation, and other verbal flaws are impediments to communication every bit as much as poor spelling, poor punctuation, and jumbled sentence order.

At the end of the day, I think the biggest difference is in experience.  We've all been writing small bits of text since we started learning how to read and write.  As a result, we assume we have a certain amount of competence at it.  If we were cursed with teachers who just wanted to pass us along, this could be a very false sense of competence.  By contrast, people just learning how to program are acquiring a new skill, and seeking help with something where they have a more rigid feedback system that prevents credible claims of excellence that is undeserved.

I enjoy beta reading a great deal.  I enjoy helping new programmers a great deal.  In both cases, I can help those who are working on their craft improve their skills, while getting sneak peaks and upcoming programs/stories.  Moreover, in both cases I have the pleasure of working with people who do not have large egos improve their competence and become the next generation of experts.

Generic Rant About Ficcers Divided

I spend a lot of time posting to fanfiction.net.  In the course of that, I've built up a nice little collection of stories.  Unfortunately, they don't allow certain styles of writing that I'd enjoy, such as my 1sentence challenge posting.  Given that, it's tempting to move EVERYTHING here, and abandon ff.net.  However, if I want to maximize the amount of readership I receive, I have to leave my stuff there or I risk never being read.  The result is: I end up being a ficcer divided, with some content in one place, and some in another.  That, or I have to double post EVERYTHING and do twice the work.

Sybil has chosen the method of duplication, and is playing catch up right now.  For me, I have NO idea what the best approach is.  Any suggestions on how to deal with the fact that we don't have a good, central place for a community that supports writing challenges, etc?

Jul. 3rd, 2010



I'm bringing this blog back to life, after a long, long abandonment.  I still have my blog over at wordpress, but I want to get this one going as well.  My (very vague) plan is to use that one for theology/politics, and this one for fun stuff.  I suspect there will be a certain amount of cross-over happening, but you, faithful reader, will just have to cope.

As far as writing, I post most of my fan fictions on fanfiction.net, but I suspect I'll have an occasional mature item that ends up here.  Any writing communities are likely to be affected as well.  I'll probably look at programming/math/technology communities on here as well.

Ideally, I'd like to find one place that satisfies all my expressive desires.  So far, it just doesn't seem to be happening.  If you're looking for my on facebook or myspace, I'm not there.  I've never been able to believe they weren't just a waste of time.  I like to hear myself talk, so I blog instead.

Romancing the Future (1sentence alpha set)

Author: WingedPanther73

Title: none

Fandom: Weiss Kreuz

Pairing: Crawford x The Future

Theme set: alpha

Rating: PG

Date: 7/3/2010

Notes: I think this was bad for me cultivating short sentences. Oh well.

Summary: I view Crawford's precog as being very powerful and detailed, perhaps more so than is strictly cannon. This presents a mild version of it.


#01 – Comfort

It was a constant comfort to Crawford to know the Future would whisper her secrets to him.


#02 – Kiss

It was an odd morning; Crawford was getting glimpses of the Future, each one like a little kiss on the cheek, leading him forward.


#03 – Soft

The Future always whispered softly, gently guiding him through the hardest parts of life.


#04 – Pain

It was an unfortunate reality that the Future didn't always protect him from pain, but revealed to him what he would endure; in this case a leg would break to accomplish his gaol.


#05 – Potatoes

He was gently stirred out of the house that evening to spare him the torture of Irishman's potatoes.


#06 – Rain

Crawford loved to dance untouched in sprinkles, as the Future artfully guided him between each drop.


#07 – Chocolate

A glimpse of the Future warned him away from this chocolate bar; he didn't want his filled with ants.


#08 – Happiness

The Future was better than any mortal lover, guiding him unerringly towards his happiness.


#09 – Telephone

Crawford quickly left the apartment, having been warned he didn't want to be there when the infernal device rang.


#10 – Ears

His ears only told him what was; the Future told him what would be.


#11 – Name

His lover had no name; she whispered to him all that would be.


#12 – Sensual

The rutting of mortal lovers could never compare with the sensual whispers from the Future.


#13 – Death

The one secret his lover, the Future, kept from Crawford was his death.


#14 – Sex

Nothing is more boring than sex without surprise.


#15 – Touch

The touch of the Future gently guided his hand through space to pluck the dart from the air.


#16 – Weakness

Crawford's greatest fear was that his dependence on the whispers from the Future had bred weakness into him.


#17 - Tears

He woke with a tear on his cheek; he would not be able to save his sister.


#18 - Speed

No matter how fast Crawford moved through time, it was never fast enough to catch his lover.


#19 - Wind

Knowledge flowed to him on a wind from the Future, the time to let Weiss have Takatori was at hand.


#20 - Freedom

Unlike all those around him, Crawford knew he had no freedom to choose his Future.


#21 - Life

The Future truly loved him, because at every step she showed him how to preserve his life.


#22 - Jealousy

While a slave to Esset, Crawford had always been jealous over his special relationship with the Future.


#23 - Hands

Crawford found the Future to be like a lover, her hands guiding him through each situation with expert skill.


#24 - Taste

The Future revealed to him the result of the coin toss, warning Crawford to flee Schuldig's cooking.


#25 - Devotion

Devotion is easily professed, but the Future revealed to him the truth of such claims.


#26 - Forever

Crawford found himself wondering, yet again, if the Future would allow him to live forever.


#27 - Blood

The Future had warned him of this moment, but the site of his own blood was a shock.


#28 - Sickness

The Future showed him how to avoid knives, swords, and bullets, but not germs.


#29 - Melody

Only Crawford could appreciate the melody that the Future plucked for him.


#30 - Star

Crawford had been the star pupil for Rosenkreutz, but now he only shone brightly for the Future.


#31 - Home

He had chosen to never have a home, choosing instead to rest in his lover's arms.


#32 - Confusion

Crawford experienced confusion, something rare for him, as Esset's seaside castle crumbled around him.


#33 - Fear

Only one person didn't fear his relationship with the Future; Nagi's relationship with space was just as strong.


#34 - Lightning/Thunder

The Future let him hear the thunder just as he saw the lightening.


#35 - Bonds

It was hard for Crawford to form bonds with others when the Future told him how they would break.


#36 - Market

Crawford was feared by the hagglers in the market, for the Future told him what price they would accept.


#37 - Technology

Crawford found the trinkets the Mundanes produced amusing; it was too bad they would be rendered useless by his plans.


#38 - Gift

Crawford gratefully accept each revelation from the Future know each was a precious gift.


#39 - Smile

Though Crawford couldn't see her, he knew the Future smiled on him.


#40 - Innocence

Innocence comes from not knowing the true consequences of your actions, the Future had always denied this to him.


#41 - Completion

“Check Mate in forty-seven moves,” Crawford said, knowing Farfarello would play to completion anyway.


#42 - Clouds

Crawford wasn't impressed by the Butterfly Effect; the Future told him exactly what it would do to the clouds.


#43 - Sky

Crawford enjoyed gazing at the sky, knowing the activities of man wouldn't impact it.


#44 - Heaven

The Future did not deign to reveal where he would go, but Crawford suspected he would not achieve heaven.


#45 - Hell

Crawford could only assume it was like being in hell to not know the Future as intimately as he did.


#46 - Sun

The Future revealed that Esset's power would be eclipsed, but unlike the Sun, it would not shine again.


#47 - Moon

Crawford always found it slightly disturbing when the Future showed him visions of the moon cracked asunder.


#48 - Waves

The sea would rise and fall, but the waves never stopped; that was how the Future fed him her knowledge.


#49 - Hair

Visions of the Future tickled at his awareness like strands of hair on his face.


#50 - Supernova

The vision exploded like a supernova in his mind's eye; the car would not be avoided.




Aug. 11th, 2005


First Post!

I just decided that anything my wife does online, I've just GOTTA be doing too! She is SybilRowan, and just did her first post, too. I'm getting ready for my first stint as a high school teacher after 4.5 years teaching at a two-year college. Next week is a week of teacher work days. Then I get into the classroom and start teaching precalculus, geometry, and math tech 1 (it's the first half of algebra 1). At the end of the month Oni is going to start her fall term as she works on getting her Bachelors in math. She's a little nervous, but I know she's smarter than she thinks she is, so she'll do awesome. Of course, she keeps telling me I'll do awesome in high school :)